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Medo Linear Piston Air Pumps are a great solution for a home aerobic sewage treatment systems. Medo linear piston pumps have a single internal piston reducing operating noise and vibration while increasing durabilty and long life.

Medo LA-60B Air Pump Medo LA-80B Air Pump Medo LA-100 Air Pump Medo LA-120 Air Pump Medo HEMLA-80B Air Pump
Pump Models LA-60B LA-80BN LA-100 LA-120 HEMLA-80B
Rated Pressure 0.15 bar(2.13 psig) 0.15 bar(2.13 psig) 0.15 kgf/cm2(2.56 psig) 0.11 kgf/cm2(2.56 psig) 2.13 psig
Max. Pressure 60 LPM(2.12 cfm)
or over
80 LPM (2.83 cfm)
or over
100 LPM(3.53 cfm)
or over
120 LPM 4.24 cfm)
or over
80 LPM(2.83 cfm)
Power Supply AC 120V AC 120V AC 120V,220V,
AC 120V,220V,
AC 120V
Unit Weight 11.7 lbs. 11.7 lbs. 20.7 lbs. 20.7 lbs. 12.6 lbs.
Unit Dimensions 12.08"L x 8.42"W x 7.40"H 12.08"L x 8.42"W x 7.40"H 16.06"L x 8.26"W x 9.13"H 16.06"L x 8.26"W x 9.13"H 13.22"L x 8.42"W x 7.55"H
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