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Bullet Highhead Effluent pumps are a dependable submersible pump ideal for high pressure applications.

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Conde vapor oil pumps are ideal for vacuums in harsh environments. Conde dry air pumps are suited for vacuum and pressure applications that call for clean dry air where little or no maintenance is required.

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The Flagg-Air brand is well-known for cost effective and long-lasting shaft-style aerators for septic aeration applications. The Flagg-Air aerator was first introduced to the septic and wastewater industries in 1982.

With continual field testing and improvement, today the Flagg-Air brand is recognized as a leader and innovator in shaft-style aerator technology. Flagg-Air continues to build it's reputation of durability with it's industry leading 2-year warranty.

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Since 1921, Gast Manufacturing, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing quality air-moving products. Our vacuum pumps, compressors, air motors, gear motors, vacuum generators, regenerative blowers and Smart Air technology meet the many challenging applications of OEMs and end-users worldwide.

For industrial manufacturing, health care lab, or environmental cleanup applications, Gast provides a full range of ideally suited and cost-effective solutions to any pneumatic problem.

Liberty Pumps
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Liberty Pumps, located in Bergen, New York (a rural Upstate community located near Rochester) was founded in 1965. As a privately held, family owned company with focused direction, Liberty has grown to become a Rochester Top 100 Company and leading domestic manufacturer of sump, sewage and effluent pumps for the professional trade in North America.

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MAXAIR500 brand has become a recognized leader in submersible septic aerator technology.

Capitalizing on rigorous research and field testing, the MAXAIR500 was introduced to the septic and wastewater market with improvements in impeller technology, motor housing durability, and motion stability that allowed the MAXAIR500 to gain a quick advantage over existing market brands.

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Medo pumps feature a linear-motor-driven free piston system ideal for wastewater treatment and aquaculture industries.

This linear-piston design eliminates wear on components. The only moving part is the piston.

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Secoh has been manufacturing linear air pumps since 1966.

Secoh linear air pumps are compact and light in construction and provide solid performance in septic aeration.

Secoh's oil-less diaphragm linear air pumps function by energizing electromagnets that oscillate a magnet in opposite directions. The magnet moves back and forth between the electromagnets at the same frequency as the power supply. The magnet is connected to two diaphragms and as the magnet oscillates, it changes the valve box volume, which creates vacuum or pressure.

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Whirlwind offers a full line of cost effective linear air pumps and ring blowers to suit just about any septic and wastewater application.

Whirlwind linear air pumps come with an industry leading 2-year warranty and our Whirlwind R-5760 Ring Blower comes with an 18 month warranty. All Whirlwind pumps are specifically designed for years of trouble free service.

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