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Secoh Air Pumps

Secoh Linear Diaphragm Air Pumps are compact and light in construction and provide solid performance in septic aeration. Secoh has been manufacturing oilless diaphragm linear air compressors since 1966.

How does it work?

Linear air compressors function by energizing electromagnets that oscillate a magnet in opposite directions. The magnet moves back and forth between the electromagnets at the same frequency as the power supply. The magnet is connected to two diaphragms and as the magnet oscillates, it changes the valve box volume, which creates vacuum or pressure.

EL-60 Secoh Linear Air PumpEL-80-15 Secoh Linear Air PumpEL-100 Secoh Linear Air PumpEL-120 Secoh Linear Air Pump
Pump ModelsSecho EL-60Secho EL-80-15Secho EL-100Secho EL-120
Max. Air Flow2.302.823.884.41
Max. Pressure2.
Power Rating115V, 60HZ, 56W115V, 60HZ, 61W115V, 60HZ, 106W115V, 60HZ, 126W
Weight18.7 lbs.18.7 lbs.18.7 lbs.35.3 lbs.
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*Dimensions and weights are for reference only.

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