TruCore Sludge Sampler With Case

TruCore Sludge Sampler With Case
TruCore Sludge Sampler
Sludge Sampler Plug
Sludge Sampler Foam Ball Handle
Sludge Sampler Tube with 12" Guides

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The TruCore Sludge Sampler is used for core sampling and collecting of underwater sludge, sediments and other settled solids in wastewater and other fluids for visual and technical analysis. The TruCore Sludge Sampler is ideal for knowing when your septic tank needs to be pumped. The sludge sampler unit is inserted into the sentiment then closed and pulled up to retrieve a sample. The design of the sludge sampler unit easily cuts through sludge while minimizing turbulence allowing for easier and more accurate samples.

The economical TruCore Sludge Sampler includes a lightweight bottom plug that floats up out of the way when conducting sampling allowing fluid to flow freely and virtually undisturbed while creating a true core sample of the contents of the tank. The foam ball handle at the top of the sludge sampler unit allows the bottom plug to be securely pulled into the end of the Sludge Sampler unit preventing accidental leakage while handling the unit.

The 10 ounce per foot capacity of the Sludge Sampler has a larger sampling capacity to other sludge core samplers on the market. The 8-foot clear polycarbonate unit comes in two 4-foot pieces that are easily fitted together with an integrated slip joint requiring no tools for assembly.

Made in USAThis product proudly made in the USA with USA hands.


  • No tools required for assembly
  • Quick and easy sampling
  • Accurate sampling with minimal turbulence
  • Lightweight durable design
  • 12-inch markings for easier visual reference
  • Easy storage and transport (Fits in full size pickup truck)
  • Easy to clean
  • Replaceable gasket
  • Clear polycarbonate tube
  • Tie-off cleat


Unit Length8-foot long sampler tube when fully assembled (Two 4-foot sections)
Unit Dia.1-3/8" inside diameter
Capacity10 ounces per foot
Unit Weight- lb.
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