Flagg-Air 340HT-J Aerator

Item #: FA340HT-J
Flagg-Air 340HT-J Aerator
Flagg-Air 340HT Aerator
Aspirator Tip
Brackets and T-Bar Handle
Suds Restrictor
Continuous Duty Motor
Bracket Diagram



2-Year Warranty on Flagg-Air Aerators

We offer a 2-Year Limited Warranty on all Flagg-Air Aerators.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our Flagg-Air 340HT-J Aerator.

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The Flagg-Air 340HT-J Aerator is designed to fit a 10 tank riser opening. The 340HT-J model has a 12 mounting bracket and is comparable to the Jet Aerator.

Flagg-Air Aerators features low RPM with high CFM, fully enclosed continuous duty motor with 2 foot power cord, pre-lubricated and sealed bearings, and powder coated steel brackets with rubber vibration restrictors for improved mounting stability and strength.

Flagg-Air Aerators have a high-impact plastic suds restrictor, high quality stainless steel shaft and an integrated T-bar handle to make installation easier.

The Flagg-Air 340HT-J is easy to install, operates quietly and trouble free, includes a 7-amp mini-break and comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Septic Tank Aeration

Flagg-Air Septic Aerators are used to introduce oxygen into your septic tank through the process known as aeration. Continuous aeration turns your septic tank into an aerobic septic system which supports the growth of aerobic bacteria which are important in the overall efficiency of your entire septic system.

Learn more about aerobic bacteria

Note: To determine what type of aerator unit you have, look on the control panel, side of motor or vent cap on center of tank lid.

The Flagg-Air Aerator has not been tested by NSF on a Certified Aerobic Treatment Plant.

* Jet is a registered trademark of Jet Inc..


  • Low RPM (1750) High CFM
  • Motor is fully enclosed, continuous duty with 2 foot power cord
  • Bearings are pre-lubricated and sealed
  • Powder coated steel brackets with rubber vibration restrictors
  • High-impact plastic suds restrictor
  • High quality stainless steel shaft
  • Bronze counter shaft


HP1/6 HP
Volts115V (60Hz)
Unit Dimensions47.25" x 12" x 12"
Unit Weight28 lbs.
Fit Riser Opening10" Dia
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