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How to Maintain and Rebuild a Shaft Aerator

Categories: Education | Septic Systems

Flagg-Air 340HT AeratorAerobic septic systems use a pump or aerator to introduceĀ dissolved oxygen into the septic tank. This process is called aeration and it helps aerobic bacteria grow and thrive. Aerobic bacteria consume organic material and can consume up to 98% of solids in your septic system. This is why it’s important to keep that pump or aerator in proper working order so your aerobic septic system is operating at peak efficiency.

For those that are using a shaft aerator, you can extend the life of your shaft aerator with some simple regular maintenance. This video explains the different parts of a shaft aerator as well as how to maintain and rebuildĀ a shaft aerator.

Posted By: Mike • Posted On: December 17, 2014

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