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Shaft-Style Aerator Maintenance

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Flagg-Air 340HT AeratorIf you use a shaft-style aerator in your septic tank, you will need to preform some regular aerator maintenance to ensure the aerator operates efficiently.

Like any aerator type that may be used in an aerobic septic system, the shaft-style aerator introduces dissolved oxygen into your septic tank to encourage the growth of aerobic bacteria.

An under-performing aerator will not efficiently perform this task and will reduce the overall efficiency of your entire septic system.

Here are some maintenance tips that you can perform to ensure that your shaft-style aerator is operating properly. Remember to disconnect power from aerator before performing these tasks.

1 . Remove aerator from septic tank riser and set on riser lid.

  • Check aerator shaft for debris and clean as necessary
  • Ensure air intake is not blocked
  • Check tank and riser for evidence of sewer back up
  • Check electrical wires for worn spots and replace as needed
  • Check electrical plug ends for corrosian and replace as needed

2. Re-install aerator (take care not to bend shaft and brackets).

  • Check for proper voltage at the electrical plug end
  • Check amerage to determine health of motor
  • Check both neutral and ground wire for current (Any voltage indicates bad wire underground.)
  • Ensure proper size mini-breaker for aerator unit being serviced.

It’s recommended to perform these maintenance tasks as prescribed by the aerator manufacturer or anytime you believe that your aerator may not be performing properly.

Posted By: Mike • Posted On: October 23, 2014

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